Three Banks are going Bankrupt! (Why we’re in a Recession!)

It’s been one tough year: the economy continues to wreak havoc. Social unrest is rampant in some areas, and businesses are struggling with layoffs as well as revenue declines. With it, all comes questions about why we’re in a recession and what can be done to turn around our current economic landscape. In this article, we will unveil three banks that are going bankrupt or headed there. There have been a lot of insolvencies and the Fed is not showing a lot of support.

Silvergate Bank, a former Savings and Loans Institution is Going Bankrupt

Silvergate Bank, once a thriving Savings and Loans Institution, is now announcing its closure on account of bankruptcy. After many years in the banking industry, Silvergate bank had gotten into the Crypto arena. Silvergate Bank initially started in the Savings and Loans space in the 1980s, then continued doing well. However, they had pivoted into Cryptocurrency over the past decade and invested heavily in the ‘Silver Exchange Network’. It had skyrocketed this company during the Crypto bubble by as much as 1500%!

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However, recently, news has broken out that the company is planning to liquidate all of its assets. This news has come as a shock to many customers who have sought out Silvergate’s services over the years, as well as to regulators who had invested millions into helping the Bank comply with regulations. It has also left thousands of employees without jobs at this difficult time. Although it is never an easy decision for companies to close, we must remain hopeful that those affected by this news are able to find solace in these trying times.

Silvergate Bank may have been a large piece in the banking world, but their closure is just another reminder of how quickly things can change. As we move forward, we should continue to recognize and learn from these events while appreciating the lessons they teach us. It is our responsibility to ensure that similar situations do not happen again by being proactive and vigilant about changes in the market. To that end, we must ensure that all banks and financial institutions operate with the highest of standards for transparency and ethical practices.

The closure of Silvergate Bank should serve as a reminder to all involved in the banking world – whether it be customers, regulators or employees – that these times are volatile and that one must remain vigilant in order to protect one’s interests. We can all take a lesson from this event and strive to make our banking system safer, more transparent and better managed. It is our hope that the closure of Silvergate Bank will give way to a better-regulated banking industry as we move forward.

Silicon Valley Bank is not far Behind

Another bank that is not far behind is Silicon Valley Bank. Known for being a leader in the banking and financial services industry, with an emphasis on supporting innovation and technology leaders, Silicon Valley Bank provides tailored banking products designed to help their clients achieve their technology and growth goals. Their industry-leading expertise grants them a competitive edge over more traditional banks, making it clear that Silicon Valley Bank isn’t far behind when it comes to providing innovative solutions for their customers.

Recently, SVB has reported it lost over $2 billion in deposits. This is following Peter Thiel’s founder’s funds recommendation to withdraw all funds from SVB due to concerns regarding their financial stability.

However, SVB has made it clear that their core business is still strong and stable despite the recent losses in deposits. SVB’s focus on technology, innovation and growth makes them a key player in the banking sector. Their commitment to providing top-notch customer service, tailored products and cutting-edge solutions keeps them ahead of the competition when it comes to customer satisfaction. SVB is an invaluable resource for startups and tech companies looking for a banking partner that understands their needs and will work with them to ensure they are successful.

Investors should still remain cautious on SVB’s near term future. A recession is right around the corner and this is very similar to the 1980s along with higher rates leading to banks failing.

Signature Bank is on their tail

Signature Bank is also taking a brutal hit with investors’ remorse. Investors will not be fond since Signature Bank is also heavily invested in Crypto Space. Bitcoin has performed Well Year to Date, but how much better will it perform? It’s not regulated. At one point, Signature Bank also had an investor’s position in Silvergate bank.

Many investors made the mistake of putting their money into Crypto Space and not monitoring it closely enough. While this may have been a good move at the time, it could lead to a lot of disappointment down the road.

Signature Bank could be in big trouble if their investments don’t pan out.

The lack of regulation, combined with the volatile nature of the crypto markets, makes it a high-risk investment that no one should take lightly. It’s not just banks either; many individuals have been investing in cryptocurrencies without fully understanding what they are getting into.

While it may be easy to make quick money in the Crypto Space, it’s even easier to lose it. Investors should always do their due diligence before diving into any investment, especially one that is as volatile and unregulated as cryptocurrency. The risks may outweigh the rewards for some investors, so they should make sure to think twice before investing.

Signature Bank may be in the red, but there is still hope. By making intelligent investments and taking a more conservative approach to their crypto portfolio, they could turn things around in the long run. This will require close monitoring of the markets and careful consideration of how much risk they are willing to take on. If they make smart decisions and manage their investments wisely, Signature Bank could be back in the black in no time.

Signature Bank should not give up yet; with some sound financial decisions and a flexible approach to Crypto Space investing, they can still make a profit. Investors should stay aware of how developments in Crypto Space may affect their portfolios and take appropriate measures if necessary.

Signature Bank should also be mindful of the legal and regulatory environment in which they are operating. There is a lot of uncertainty surrounding the cryptocurrency space, and governments around the world have taken different stances on how to regulate it. It is important for Signature Bank to stay up-to-date with these changes so that their investments remain compliant and secure.


Silvergate Bank’s demise marks a major shift in the banking industry as two more pillars of financial security begin to crumble. While we wait to see how Silicon Valley Bank and Signature Bank will fare in the coming months, one can assume that more traditional banks may end up being replaced by newer ones that are more adaptive to changing market conditions. For now, though, it is unclear when – or even if – these new organizations will stabilize the US economy in the long-term. In any case, one thing is for certain: the fates of not only Silvergate Bank but also Silicon Valley Bank and Signature Bank have significantly impacted the entire banking sector. As their stories unfold over time, let us be sure to remember the lessons they have taught us and stay informed on our own finances so that we can keep our financial security intact.

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