Companies that were heavily affected by Silicon Valley Bank

The demise of Silicon Valley Bank has hit certain Investors hard in the gut. Certain companies have had an impact. As a result, investors should remain informed on which companies have been hit hard by this oligopolic force and can use caution when allocating resources accordingly. By evaluating these companies against their peers as well as market changes surrounding them you could maximize your returns while limiting any potential losses associated with SVB’s economic fluctuations.

These companies were hit hard Due to SVB

Roku’s Stock price has been demolished

Roku’s stock has been decimated in the face of SVB’s demise. With an almost 5% drop, it’s been impacted. Roku had nearly half a billion in deposits at Silicon Valley Bank. Regardless of this issue, Roku was impacted prior with the Tech Sector’s recession woes. The tech sector, which once saw explosive growth in companies like Roku, is now being impacted by an overall contraction. Even with government stimulus packages spurring activity across many markets, investors remain uncertain about investing their capital in the tech sector and so far have steered clear of Roku.

Roblox took a hit

Roblox kept 5% of its deposits at SVB. It faces a minor impact. The company has been facing scrutiny issues prior to this issue. Roblox had to invest millions of dollars into fixing its security issues and launch a safety center for users. Although critics have heavily scrutinized Roblox for its past mistakes, these steps taken by Roblox show that they are working hard to restore their credibility and provide an even safer experience that all age groups can trust.

Payoneer Global has Deposits

Payoneer Global had a decent size of deposits. Out of their $6.4 billion, over $20 million was kept at Silicon Valley Bank. Payoneer Global is a an online money transfer company. Payoneer Global also offers real-time account balance updates and support tools, as well as other value-added services such as currency transfers, tax assistance, compliance tools, and more. With their user-friendly platform and trusted security measures, Payoneer Global has become one of the most popular online payment providers for businesses worldwide.

Etsy was using SVB as a platform

Etsy has been utilizing SVB for payment processing, an online platform that provides small businesses with resources to succeed. Since the news broke out, Etsy has had payment processing issues and now faces a major hurdles to resolve it.

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The FDIC is looking into rescuing the bank.  The FDIC is working with the bank’s management to develop a restructuring plan that would help the bank stay afloat. They are also trying to negotiate a debt restructuring deal with creditors and investors. If the FDIC can successfully rescue the bank, it will be able to keep its doors open and continue providing financial services for its customers.

However, if the FDIC is unable to rescue the bank, it could be put into receivership. This would mean that all of the bank’s assets and liabilities would be taken over by a government agency, such as the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC). If this happens, customers may not get their money back in full. In addition, creditors and investors may not get the money they are owed.

The FDIC is doing its best to prevent this from happening and to help the bank stay in business. It will continue to monitor the situation closely and work with the bank’s management team to develop a workable solution that benefits all parties involved. If successful, it can provide some much-needed stability to the banking sector.  If not, it may be necessary for regulators and government agencies to step in and seize control of the bank, which could lead to further financial losses for all involved.


SVB’s Demise was coming months ago. Due to poor leadership, a recessionary market, and not having a risk averse tolerance, they set themselves up for failure. This left many customers with unpaid debts and a feeling of betrayal from a bank they once trusted. As unfortunate as it was, sometimes businesses are unable to survive despite best efforts.

It is important for consumers to take extra precautions when selecting financial institutions. Before entrusting your money to an institution, consider doing research on their history and reputation. Read reviews and speak with other customers who have previously done business with the company. It is also important to make sure that the bank is insured by a government-backed system in order to prevent any losses should something go wrong.

The unfortunate demise of the bank serves as a reminder that not all financial institutions are created equal. It is important to be aware of the risks associated with banking, and take steps to protect yourself from any potential losses.

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