Atlantic Equity Partners Takes a Bold Step Forward: Fund II to Decarbonize Hospitality Real Estate

In an era where sustainability has become a buzzword, leaving a carbon footprint is no longer a mark of success. And that’s why the hospitality industry, which accounts for a significant portion of global carbon emissions, needs to do its bit for the planet. Atlantic Equity Partners, a forward-thinking equity firm, has unveiled its Fund II, aimed at accelerating the decarbonization of hospitality real estate, bringing their investment expertise to do some good for the planet. With this move, Atlantic Equity Partners has taken a bold step forward towards sustainable and resilient investments and this blog post will take a closer look at this exciting launch.

With Fund II in place, Atlantic Equity Partners will work closely with hotel owners to conduct assessments on their carbon footprint on an ongoing basis. The assessments are expected to measure energy consumption, renewable energy adoption, and greenhouse gas emissions from hotel real estate. This initiative will give a holistic view of the carbon footprint of the hotel industry as a whole and chart a path towards a more sustainable future. The data generated will be used for research and trend analysis to understand how to better tackle the issue of decarbonization of hospitality real estate.

Fund II will provide funding for hotel owners to make the necessary structural improvements to their buildings to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. The program is set to prioritize investment in renewable energy sources, such as solar panels, hydroelectric power, and wind turbines. It will also encourage hotel owners to adopt energy-efficient technology and better waste disposal practices to reduce their environmental impact.

This Fund II initiative by Atlantic Equity Partners is a call to all hotel owners to show their commitment to environmental sustainability. It will support hotel owners in reducing up to 25% of carbon emissions within three years, which would be a significant step in creating a more sustainable future.

Atlantic Equity Partners is giving the hotel industry an opportunity to invest in its own future. The firm is encouraging hotel owners to take a long-term view of sustainability, and to understand that sustainability can be a profitable business model. By embracing these initiatives, hotels can differentiate themselves from their competitors and show their guests that they are concerned about the environment.


Atlantic Equity Partners has made a wise move by launching Fund II aimed to facilitate hotel owners’ road towards decarbonization. In light of the current environmental crisis, it is businesses with an awareness of sustainable development that are most likely to endure and thrive. We applaud Atlantic Equity Partners for taking a bold step forward and will be watching with excitement as this program exacts positive change throughout the hospitality industry. As more and more businesses, particularly in the hospitality industry, pledge their commitment to environmental sustainability, we can only hope that the more the world will too.


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