Local Event: Cupid Festival Gets Crazy In Love at Shipgarten VA

Cupid Festival


Valentine’s, Galentine’s, Palentine’s – whichever celebration tugs at your heartstrings, The Cupid Festival has meticulously crafted plans that are secured more tightly than those affectionate duos who engage in the ceremonious act of operating a shared Facebook account. 💌 On the illustrious day of February 17th, invigorate your hearts with exhilaration and set your taste buds on a frothy pursuit at the Cupid Festival, nestled in the heart of Shipgarten, VA! Seize this opportunity to unsheathe your love-tipped arrows (or simply corral your beloved companions) and definitively etch into your timetable the hours from 1 pm to 6 pm.

The arrival of Cupid is upon us, and he’s temporarily abandoning his traditional archery passions in favor of lavishing all attendees with an array of finely crafted ales, lively and competitive games, along with an abundant supply of adorable canine affection that could easily rival his own cherubic charm!

Brewery Bliss and Hot Drinks on a Cold Day

Imagine this: You’re wrapped snug in your cutest scarf, laughing with your friends, a hot specialty concoction from our hot drinks menu in hand, the crisp Virginia winter air has nothing on the warmth here. That’s right, folks, we’re serving up some sizzling drinks to keep those rosy cheeks even rosier.

With over forty breweries making an appearance, I challenge you to find a better place to play a game of “Hoppy Valentine’s”! Remember to drink responsibly or you might end up confessing your undying love to a potted plant – which, admittedly, could push your green thumb into a relationship status. 🌱💚

Photobooth Fun and Furry Friends

symbol of the season, and we’re all for spreading the love!

Looking for the perfect spot to capture some unforgettable memories with your sweetheart? Look no further, because they’ve got a charming photo booth that’s destined to be the scene of this year’s most epic couple’s photos. Imagine the rush of notifications as your Instagram feed lights up with likes because, trust us, these are the pictures that everyone will be adoring.

And when we talk about dates, we’re not just talking candlelit dinners and long walks on the beach. At Shipgarten all are welcome, whether it’s your loyal canine companion, your ever-watchful reptile, or even that cheerful houseplant you’ve so lovingly nurtured. It’s time for them to have their moment in the spotlight, too, in the incredibly versatile photobooth!

Don’t worry, pooch parents – This Festival is a haven for dogs of all stripes. Not just dog-friendly; They’re a tail-wagging, ball-fetching hideaway that’ll make your furry friend feel on top of the world. Let your four-legged pal run free in our secure dog park, and don’t be surprised if they end up stealing the show with their natural charm. Honestly, they might just give the local singles a run for their money, especially when they lap up our special Pup Cups.

So, let’s not forget who the real heartthrob is this season – is it the dashing dudes, the glamorous gals, or… perhaps it’s that adorable pup leading the pack? That’s right, don your festive gear and come down to Shipgarten where Cupid might just wag a tail, bark a joyous bark, and remind us all that love comes in many forms.

Let’s Talk Games – The Heartbeat of the Party

1 PM rolls around, you’re feeling great, your squad’s all here, and it’s time to let the games begin!

2:00 PM – 3-Legged Race

Get ready for the 3-Legged Race that’s more bonding than a 90’s boyband. Teams last year really stepped up their game – one dynamic duo even tied their legs together with an old curtain sash! That’s one way to ensure togetherness. If they didn’t walk away with the prize, at least they left with a fabulous new accessory. 😂

3:00 PM – Loud Charades

At 3 PM, lose the inhibitions and pick up the earpieces – Loud Charades is here! Can you guess “Hips Don’t Lie” while your partner silently gyrates? Good luck explaining that one in silent dance.

4:00 PM – The Honeymooners Game

Then, the Honeymooners Game will have you busting a gut as couples old and new try to telepathically communicate when they first swapped dentures… I mean kissed, definitely kissed.

5:00 PM – Stein to Stein Pour

And, to top the evening off, the Stein to Stein Pour is less about skill and more about… well, it’s mostly about not wearing your beer. Spoiler alert: it’s harder than it looks and twice as hilarious.

When Pigs Fly…or Race?

Last year was wild! Did anyone else have “watch a pig race a human” on their bingo card? Because, check that one off! Yes, there was a real-life pet pig that sauntered in with its own participant bib. I still can’t tell if they were more shocked, the pig, or the audience!

Plan Your Festival Date

Shipgarten, the social heartbeat of our community, flings open its vibrant doors as the sun crests the morning sky, ready at 11 AM for those who start their buzz with the dawn —a haven for early risers looking to pre-game and revel in anticipation. The venue truly comes alive with the festival’s kaleidoscope of activities shimmering from 1 PM to the waning sunlight at 6 PM, an electrifying affair offering a sensory bouquet of sights, sounds, and tastes.

But let’s not forget the creatures of the moonlight—for the night owls with nocturnal whims, Shipgarten’s lively embrace lasts long into the twilight hours, with a closing curtain not drawn until the clock strikes 2 AM. So whether you fancy a leisurely sip under the stars or wish to lose yourself in the rhythms on the dance floor, rest assured, they’re anchored and not sailing off anywhere.

Here, at Shipgarten, festival dreams morph into memories under the span of one eventful day—where the beer flows as freely as conversation, where laughter echoes louder than the beats, and where your furry friends might just play cupid, winging their way into someone’s heart.

So with February’s chill giving way to the warmth of camaraderie, throw caution to the wind, come out, and let’s all get a tad crazy in love! Plus, I’m eager to live vicariously through your experiences—so share, spill, divulge! Tell me, did you conquer the 3-Legged Race, bounding triumphantly beyond a few comedic stumbles? Or, were you the champion who ambitiously journeyed through the myriad brews without surrendering your name to oblivion? 🍻

Let’s trade tales of frolic and folly in the comments below—your confessions and cheers. And if the spirit moves you to make this a group endeavor, go ahead and tag your motley crew, your partners-in-crime. Let’s band together, paint the town vermilion with joy, laughter, and maybe just a sprinkle of romance—because after all, hearts are the

Who’s ready for this year’s shenanigans? Sound off below! Also, hit me with those Cupid-inspired puns – the cheesier, the better! 🧀💘

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