Journey and TOTO Rock you like a Hurricane in the DMV


Rock ‘n’ roll is the goal—a nostalgic sonic odyssey awaits you. Brace yourself to journey down memory lane, where two of the greatest acts in the grand pantheon of music unite for an unparalleled concert series that’s bound to go down in history. The legendary bands Journey and TOTO are joining forces, hitting the road with guitars in tow and anthems ready to roar, ushering in the Freedom Tour 2024.

This musical extravaganza arrives with a burst of energy in the heart of the vibrant city of Baltimore, Maryland, a backdrop as dynamic as the tunes themselves. As the stage lights flare and the opening chords strum, fans will congregate, hearts synchronized with the pulsating beats. It’s more than just an event; it’s a reverberating homage to the timeless spirit of rock ‘n’ roll, promising to be an electrifying escapade—a monument to melodic mastery—that listeners will cherish for years to come.”

Journey: Legends of Rock

Journey, the diamond-selling rock legends, need no introduction. With founding member Neal Schon at the helm wielding his guitar, alongside prolific keyboardist and backing vocalist Jonathan Cain, they’ve sculpted the soundscape of a generation. With Neal Schon’s triple Hall of Fame inductions and Jon Cain’s Rock & Roll Hall of Fame accolade, their legacy is immortalized.

Lead vocalist Arnel Pineda’s powerhouse vocals, Jason Derlatka and Deen Castronovo’s synergy on keyboards and drums, and Todd Jensen’s steady bass lines create the unforgettable sound that has enamored fans for decades.

Neal Schon’s Hall of Fame inductions

With a career spanning over four decades, Neal Schon’s guitar riffs have become anthems. His remarkable achievements have landed him multiple Hall of Fame inductions, recognizing his significant impact on rock music.

Jon Cain’s accolades and Rock & Roll Hall of Fame induction

Jon Cain’s signature keyboard melodies and backing vocals are cornerstones of Journey’s identity. His contributions to the band and the music industry at large have earned him top honors, immortalizing his artistry in the annals of rock history.

TOTO: The Masters of Hits

TOTO, the masters behind hits that have defined eras, are ready to bring their A-game to the tour. Known for timeless tunes like “Rosanna,” “Africa,” and “Hold the Line,” their streaming accomplishments on platforms like Spotify, with over 3.3 billion plays, speak to their enduring popularity.

Streaming achievements on Spotify

TOTO’s enduring appeal in the digital era underscores their ability to resonate with audiences both old and new. Their streams are a testament to the band’s longstanding relevance in the music scene.

The Journey and TOTO Freedom Tour 2024

As Neal Schon puts it, the tour is a call to “join us for a special evening full of fun and rockin’ good memories.” TOTO’s Steve Lukather echoes the sentiment, expressing unbridled excitement at sharing the stage once again with “our dear friends Journey.”

Neal Schon’s anticipation for the tour

Schon, seasoned and ever-passionate, looks forward to reconnecting with fans and creating new memories. His enthusiasm encapsulates the spirit of the tour – a grand recognition of past glories and the promise of new triumphs.

Special guest TOTO’s enthusiastic response

As special guests, TOTO’s eagerness to hit the road with Journey is a powerful indicator of the chemistry and camaraderie these titans share. Their collective energy is set to spark an electrifying atmosphere across all the tour stops.

The significance of touring together again

The reunion of these powerhouses is a testament to their mutual respect and shared history. This joint venture is more than just concerts; it’s a rare opportunity for fans to witness rock royalty joining forces to deliver unforgettable performances.

Overview of the tour schedule and cities

Spanning 30 cities, this North American tour is a sprawling spectacle, meticulously planned to bring the magic of Journey and TOTO to fans far and wide.

Unforgettable Performances and Hit Songs

Journey’s repertoire of diamond-selling status and iconic hits needs little introduction. Classics like “Don’t Stop Believin'”, “Any Way You Want It”, “Faithfully”, and “Lights” have resonated through the ages and are set to reverberate through the heart of Baltimore.

Spotlight on songs like “Don’t Stop Believin'”, “Any Way You Want It”, “Faithfully”, and “Lights”

These anthemic tracks reflect the soul of Journey, etching themselves into the fabric of rock history. Fans arriving at the Freedom Tour will not only hear these songs live but will become a part of their enduring legacy.

TOTO’s beloved tracks including “Rosanna”, “Africa”, and “Hold the Line”

TOTO’s arsenal of beloved tracks is a showcase of their musical mastery. With each hit, they weave a narrative of their journey in the music world, inviting fans to partake in the storytelling.

A Night of Fun and Rockin’ Memories

The impending Freedom Tour stands as a beacon of high-octane entertainment and a treasure trove of rock heritage. It isn’t just a series of live gigs—it’s an expansive night designed to create a sea of memories.

The camaraderie between Journey and TOTO on stage

The bond between these groups illuminates the stage, infusing each performance with genuine joy and mutual admiration. It’s a camaraderie that lifts their music to extraordinary heights.

The anticipation of fans for the tour

As excitement bubbles in anticipation of the tour, fans are gearing up to be part of what promises to be a historic event. The atmosphere of anticipation is palpable, igniting a collective passion for rock ‘n’ roll that transcends time and age.


Baltimore, the charming harbor city known for its rich history and vibrant cultural scene, is poised to add yet another memorable event to its roster. The Freedom Tour 2024 is about to unfold an extraordinary chapter within its lively streets, and this is not just an invite but a clarion call to every music enthusiast out there.

Immerse yourself in an event brimming with dynamic stage presences, featuring musicians whose legendary skills have been etched into the annals of rock history, all set against the backdrop of a nostalgia-infused playlist that’s guaranteed to ignite unbridled joy and transport each attendee through a whirlwind of cherished memories.

Whether you’ve been a fervent admirer who’s followed every chord and lyric, or you find yourself a casual listener who appreciates the occasional rock ballad, this tour stands out as a golden opportunity to witness the unparalleled artistry of true rock legends in a live setting that crackles with energy.

Seize this chance to craft an evening woven with unforgettable experiences that will resonate as powerfully as the timeless anthems of bands like Journey and TOTO. Witness musical history in the making – a night in Baltimore where every note tells a story, every song is an echo of the past, and every moment is a treasure to hold onto.

Block out your calendars for the Journey and TOTO Freedom Tour,

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