2024 National Cannabis Festival gets D.C Super High

The National Cannabis Festival



Imagine an event where the grass is greener on all sides, where the clouds don’t rain but definitely elevate. Yes, you guessed it right – it’s time to talk about the quintessential herb carnival that sprouts in Washington, D.C.!

Date: April 19-20 (420), 2024

Location: RFK Festival Grounds, Lot 8, RFK Stadium, Washington, D.C.

Are You Ready to Breathe in the High Vibes?

Mark your calendars, folks! The National Cannabis Festival is rolling back into the capital in its most lit edition yet! April 2024 will see over 20,000 cannabis enthusiasts gathering in the RFK Stadium grounds. But, before you mark your territory in that Lush Land of Lot 8, here are some ground rules – or shall we say, ‘high’ standards to keep your spirits up and your event smooth!


Have you ever been stuck in a parking lot while the main stage is lit up with your favorite tunes? If that’s your kind of nightmare, leave those car keys at home. This green festival paradise is off-limits to non-herbal kinds of traffic, so we strongly encourage leaf-lovers to hop on public transport, pile into ride-shares, or carpool with your buds. Remember, parking in the neighborhood is like stepping into a Forbidden Forest – it will get you towed faster than you can say “Pass the joint”!

Parking for The National Cannabis Festival on the RFK Campus is limited (really, it’s not a bluff!), and ADA have their own spot in Lot 7. So, bring out your phones, pull up that ride-share app, and let’s keep our carbon footprints smaller than our environmental consciousness.

Your Pass to Green Glory:

The Main Entrance to this eco-revelry is like the gate to Narnia, only better – it’s real and it awaits you at the RFK Festival Grounds. Prepare for ‘Tokedoors’ rather than wardrobes, and they’re accessible via the pedestrian path through the C Street tunnel. So, lace up those sneakers and waltz in like you own the place (because for that day, you quite literally do!).

Saving the Planet One Dance Move at a Time:

At the National Cannabis Festival Prepare to have your senses electrified and your spirits lifted as we bring you an unparalleled ensemble of musical maestros, each contributing their distinct symphonies to a kaleidoscope of sound that promises to leave an indelible mark on your memory! 🎶✨

Immerse yourself in the exceptional artistry of Thundercat, whose mastery of the bass guitar transcends mere performance. Witness the seamless blend of jazz’s intricate harmonies, R&B’s soul-stirring melodies, and funk’s infectious grooves, all woven together with an undercurrent of avant-garde electronics that defy categorization and elevate the music to a realm of pure innovation.

Feel the electrifying surge of adrenaline as Black Rave Culture takes the stage, ready to redefine your understanding of electronic music. With each pulsating beat and bass drop, they carve out new frontiers in sound, creating a high-octane dance experience where every note is an intricate thread in an auditory tapestry that envelopes and compels you to move.

Experience the lyrical prowess and influential beats of legends Redman & Wu-Tang Clan, including the formidable Method Man, as they converge to dominate the stage on the most celebrated day in the cannabis culture calendar, 4/20. Their anthems, decades in the making, have etched an indelible legacy into the pillars of hip-hop history, and their performance promises to be nothing short of historic, filled with raw energy that pulsates through the very air.

And as the smoke clears, chill to the laid-back lyrics and mellow beats of Devin The Dude, whose melodic flow rides effortlessly on waves of Southern hip-hop and funk. His music encapsulates the spirit of relaxation and good vibes, the perfect accompaniment as you recline and revel in the diversity of sounds that this festival prides itself on.

From the intricate musings of Noochie to the homespun harmonies of The Dirty Grass Players, the urgent beats of Cumbia Heights to the cultured collaborations of Dior Ashley Brown & The Filthy Animals, this line-up is a testament to the sheer spectrum of talent and style that the music world has to offer.

Secure your spot at this auditory odyssey where the melodies are lush and the genres are many. Your musical appetite will be satiated, your horizons broadened, and yes — heads will turn, not just for the sights but for the groundbreaking sounds of a festival that is as rich in diversity as it is in excitement. 🌈🎵

Green-Thumbed Extravaganza:

This isn’t just a meeting of minds and clouds – it’s an educational retreat! Want to grow your own Eden? We’ve got the tips and bites of wisdom you need. Renowned cannabis advocates are here to school you in sessions that range from sustainable growing to the latest in policy advocacy. Remember, knowledge is power, and power is turning that plant into a powerhouse!

The vendor village is a bustling marketplace where you can graze and amaze at the plethora of puff-related products. And, don’t miss out on the National Cannabis Championship – think of it as Cannabis Cup meets Gardeners’ World.

Fare with Flare:

As you wade through clouds of bliss in The National Cannabis Festival, take a moment to visit The advocacy fair, because the best high is the one that comes from doing good. Get informed, get involved, and maybe leave a little more enlightened.

The Snack Attack Zone:

Let’s face it – those munchies aren’t going to satisfy themselves. Hit up the Munchie Zone, where cuisine from all corners is waiting to sedate your sudden hunger pangs. Will it be the satiating slice of pizza, the twisty tornado of a taco, or a sweet sensation that dances on your palate? Choose your fighter.


If you need to find your center in the midst of all the smoke signals, the Wellness Village is your sanctuary. Massages, meditation sessions or just a chill nap spot – They’re here to ensure your vibes only go higher, not tired.

The Laughing Grass:

Let’s be blunt – what’s a National Cannabis Festival without the funnies? Whether it’s the antics on stage or the hilarious banter at the vendor booths, we guarantee more giggles than a tickle fight at a clown convention.

Be Yourself:

National Cannabis Festival is all about inclusivity, community, and sharing the love (and the love puff). Dress in your fest best, bring your vibes, flavors, and smiles. Bring a bud, and you might just leave with a bouquet of new friendships.

Toke It in Stride:

For all the newbie puffers and the seasoned herbalists alike, the National Cannabis Festival is a garden of earthly delights. It’s not just a festival; it’s a statement – wear it, share it, live it. Come for the cloud, stay for the crowd, and take part in a collective memory that’ll be the highlight reel of your year.


 Hydrate, pace yourself, and keep that eco-footprint light. Cannabis culture isn’t just about enjoying the herb; it’s about embracing a lifestyle that respects our planet and each other.

Don’t forget: Looping these eco-loving, plant-puffing, music-thumping days in your diary – because in April 2024, D.C is making history, sending ‘smokey’ signals, and rewriting happiness in green ink!

The green carpet is waiting, and it’s naturally lush, no watering required.


……Darn I forgot what I was about to say…..it’ll come me 😊 Peace out and puff proudly! ✌️🌬️💨


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