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Cooper Alan


MARYLAND! Are y’all gearing up to get downright wild and kick up some dust with Cooper Alan? Because it’s time to throw caution to the wind and let loose, beloved country music devotees! In an evening that promises to be brimming with rollicking tunes and soul-stirring melodies, we are thrilled to present the inimitable Cooper Alan in all his glory! On Thursday, February 1st, 2024, at precisely 8:00 PM, the iconic Fillmore Silver Spring will resonate with an electrifying vibe, suffused with the twang of guitars and the poignant verses from the heart of our cherished artist.

This isn’t just any concert – it’s an experience set to ignite passions and create memories that echo through time. Whether you’re a die-hard Coop supporter or a lover of all things country, this is the soirée of the season you simply cannot overlook. Picture this: the ambient glow of stage lights, a sea of Stetson hats nodding against the rhythm, and immaculately polished boots tapping to every strum and beat.

The adrenaline is already pumping, and the anticipation is as thick as molasses. So gather your posse, don your finest cowboy hats, shine those boots to a glossy sheen, and prepare to immerse yourself in the very essence of country music charm that’ll have y’all talking for ages. This is the celebration where every lyric resonates with truth and every melody sweeps you off your feet – it’s a night with Cooper Alan, and it demands to be felt with every fiber of your being.

Be part of the scintillating journey down the musical byways etched by Cooper’s unmatched harmonies. Our beloved Fillmore Silver Spring isn’t just hosting a concert; it’s setting the stage for a soulful reckoning. Let’s join hands and hearts as we plunge into the musical reverie that defines what makes this momentous event the buzz of the town. Tickets are waiting—but not for long. Grab yours and etch this date deep into your country heart!

About Cooper Alan

Stepping into the spotlight of Silver Spring’s vibrant music scene, Cooper Alan isn’t just captivating the audience — he’s commanding the contemporary country narrative with his unparalleled artistry. This isn’t your average country performer; imagine an entertainer who fuses the soul of traditional country with a fresh, invigorating flair, and you’ve got Cooper Alan. His melodies resonate with a genuineness that speaks to the heart, while his foot-stomping ballads have set the rhythm for life’s memorable moments – from cross-country adventures to tender first dances, leaving listeners bewitched under the spell of his tunes.

Cooper Alan, the North Carolina native, arrived in this world with a six-string and an irrefutable charisma, destined to string together harmonies as effortlessly as he draws breath. This troubadour’s journey from crooning in local watering holes and campus events to the Honky Tonks that line the music-infused streets of Nashville is a testament to his relentless passion and unyielding dedication to music. His performances are more than just shows; they are high-octane celebrations of country music, where every chord played and note sung creates an electric atmosphere that’s impossible to resist.

Equipped with an academic foundation from UNC Chapel Hill and the tenacity that can only be forged from countless live shows, Alan’s pilgrimage to the heartland of country music, Nashville, was marked by serendipity. His encounter with the esteemed songwriter and producer, Victoria Shaw, unlocked new horizons with a publishing deal that still feels like a dream.

Night after night, Alan lights up Nashville stages with his dynamic presence, and by day, he collaborates with illustrious co-writers such as Rivers Rutherford, Gary Burr, and Seth Mosley, crafting new songs that promise to become your next anthem. And the excitement doesn’t pause there — Alan is currently pouring his soul into an eagerly anticipated EP in the studio, creating what’s poised to be the next chapter in country music’s evolving tale.

The Fillmore Silver Spring

Discover the heart and soul of Downtown Silver Spring, MD at The Fillmore—the charming siren of the South with a history as rich as the melodies that resonate within its walls. 🤠🎶 With over four decades of musical legacy, this Maryland gem at 8656 Colesville Road has been home to rousing revelries that have had generations tapping their boots to the rhythm of the night.

Step into The Fillmore and immerse yourself in an opulent setting where the spirit of the South meets state-of-the-art. The sound system here? Nothing short of legendary, making every chord and chorus an intimate conversation between the artist and you. It’s an atmosphere that not only enthralls but cradles you in a warm embrace, much like a cherished memory of music and merriment. 🏡🎵

Oh, but the pleasures don’t stop with the acoustics! Savor the decadence of hand-crafted cocktails and sate your hunger with treats that’ll remind you of the comfort of Granny’s kitchen—without her well-meaning but often misplaced attempts to play Cupid. 🍹🍴

From the energy that surges through the crowd of 2,000 strong to the intimate moments where the spotlight kisses the guitar strings, The Fillmore is a spectacle of southern allure and urban vibrancy. And for the fans of toe-tapping, heart-stirring country music, it’s an absolute haven.

Event Details

Mark your calendars, country music enthusiasts and Cooper Alan fans! Come Thursday, February 1st, 2024, at the stroke of 8:00 PM, the renowned Fillmore Silver Spring venue will be abuzz with the energy of a truly memorable country music spectacle.

The soundscape for the evening will feature soulful guitar strums and evocative lyrics as the celebrated Cooper Alan graces us with his presence under the spotlight. This intimate concert is poised to become a hallmark event for the DMV area, offering a live music experience that deeply resonates with the country spirit.

Get there early because the vibrant Daisy Roots, a sensational local act known for blending contemporary country with timeless traditions, will set the stage alight as the evening’s special guest. Her performance is set to pave the way for a night filled with the heartfelt narratives that only country music can tell.

Imagine the ambiance of a rooftop lounge, accessed before the main event – where you’ll mingle among the stars in the Chicago skyline, sipping on specialty Southern cocktails crafted by expert mixologists. It’s not just a concert; it’s an experience tailored for indulgence and the joy of music.

On this night, Cooper Alan isn’t just going to revisit the classics that have made him a household name. Fans will be the first to hear live renditions of fresh tracks from his much-anticipated upcoming album – a treat for the ears that’s not to be missed. Be among the first to witness these newest additions to his celebrated discography.

And there’s more. Exclusive Cooper Alan merchandise, only available at this show, beckons for you to bring home a piece of the night. Plus, with a purchased VIP pass, seize the chance to engage in a rare meet-and-greet session with Cooper Alan and Daisy Roots – a perfect opportunity to take your fandom to the next level.

Why Attend?

Beyond the sheer exhilaration of swaying to the rhythm of live tunes, securing your spot at Cooper Alan’s concert is your fast-pass to an unforgettable experience in Funville. Join us as we delve into the enchanting world of live shows, where a unique energy crackles through the air, binding artist and audience in a united chorus of joyous chants and melodies. This isn’t just any live performance; it’s a down-home celebration saturated with the essence of Southern hospitality and country charm.

But why stop at the music? Cooper Alan isn’t merely a name on a poster; he’s the heartbeat of modern country music, an artist whose soulful lyrics and infectious melodies capture the spirit of the stories we hold dear. As if sculpting sunshine into song, Alan’s performances are renowned for their vibrancy, engrossing every spectator in a narrative spun from the strings of his guitar.

With over 60 million streams, Alan’s songs are more than mere background noise—they’re the anthems of a new generation of country music lovers. From humming small-town ballads to becoming an internet phenomenon, Cooper Alan’s ascent is a dazzling display of genuine artistry and unwavering commitment to the craft of musical storytelling.

This February, the star-crossed paths of Cooper Alan and the DMV culminate in a night that promises all the magnetism his fans have come to adore. Anticipation buzzes through the air as The Fillmore Silver Spring prepares to play host to Alan’s magnetic presence. Premiering tracks from his eagerly awaited new album, this concert is one of many stops on a nationwide tour that has been met with cheers and sold-out venues at every turn.

For those who’ve traced his trajectory from viral fame to the cusp of country music royalty, the upcoming event at The Fillmore Silver Spring isn’t just a concert—it’s a homecoming. As the chorus of his strumming guitar meets the harmony of an impassioned audience, we invite you to be part of the revelry and witness a performer who is not just watched but celebrated. This is Cooper Alan—the heartthrob who is swift on the draw, taking his place among the legends of country serenades, and it’s an evening you won’t want to miss.

Feel the pulse of the music, indulge in storytelling spun into chords, and join us for a night that encapsulates the spirit of country soul. Because when Cooper Alan takes the stage, every note is an invitation to partake in the narrative that is etched within every beat.

Local Impact

Not just a fantastic night out, the Cooper Alan concert is like a love letter to the community. Supporting such events puts a spotlight on Silver Spring, attracts tourism bucks, and keeps your neighborhood buzzing like a beehive in bloom. So, when you head to the concert, remember, you’re strumming the strings of our local economy.

Tips for Attendees

If you’re coming from out of town, there are plenty of cool beans (and hotels) nearby. Parking is the usual urban treasure hunt, so come early, or consider teleportation—just kidding, carpool or public transit works too. Wear something comfy, bring a pal or three, and prepare for an epic night of melodious wonder.


In conclusion, the stage is set for an unforgettable experience at The Fillmore Silver Spring, and all roads lead to the captivating performance of Cooper Alan. This isn’t just any concert – it’s a vibrant showcase that echoes with the heartbeats of country music lovers, a gathering where local vibes create exhilarating memories, and a night where the thrill of live music uplifts spirits.

From the very first chord to the last resonating note, expect a journey through the best that country music and community camaraderie have to offer. The air will buzz with excitement, the sounds will stir your soul, and the connection with fellow fans will remind you of the joy shared experiences bring.

Get ready to step into an atmosphere where every beat is a calling, every lyric a message, and every moment an invitation to join in the celebration. Bring your energy, your friends, and your love for a good time – because when Cooper Alan hits the stage, it’s more than a performance; it’s a night where magic happens.

So tune those expectations up to 11, don your favorite cowboy hat, and let yourself be swept away by the rhythms of Cooper Alan. Don’t miss out on the chance to enjoy a night of fun that speaks to the soul, uplifts the heart, and rocks the very ground you stand on. Grab your tickets now and be part of the Cooper Alan blast 🎶🎉

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